RBA West offers competitive travel teams, private and group instruction, all focused on player development and helping prepare your player for whatever the next level may be. Our program and extensive professional staff has been the leader in baseball and softball player development in the Richmond area for over 25 years!

The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) are here to help assist any decision for your player and show what sets our program apart from the rest!

Why choose RBA West?

Professionally trained coaching staff: The RBA West coaches and staff are second to none with over 20 professionally trained, paid coaches. Our extensive staff has numerous years of collegiate and/or professional playing and/or coaching experience! We also have MLB scouts on our staff!

True developmental program: The RBA West program and VA Seminoles teams are solely focused on player development! The proof is in the results with over 400 players playing at the collegiate level and over 100 players to play professional level having trained with our program. Every off-season, RBA West is the place that collegiate and professional players turn to, to train and prepare for their upcoming season!

State of the art indoor facility: RBA West currently has an indoor space over 12,500 square feet. With numerous FULL LENGTH (70’) retractable batting cages, indoor pitching mounds, and many other pieces of equipment to help train each player properly. In the coming months there will also be an expansion to our facility to increase our square footage size to over 20,000 square feet!

We are here to provide you with the truth: While other programs will tell you inaccurate information to make a sale, the RBA West program will tell our families the truth. Our main focus is developing our players, and the only way to do that is by being honest with feedback and support for our players!

Travel Team Information

When are tryouts for travel teams? Tryouts for our 8u-14u teams occur once a year in the early summer months. Tryouts for our showcase teams (15u-17u) occur twice a year. Once at the beginning of the year, and once towards the end of the summer. Check our “tryouts” tab for information for any upcoming team tryouts or open roster spots.

How do I determine the age group my player should be trying out for? The cut-off date to determine a players age is May 1st. Whatever age a player is on that date, is the age group they are eligible to tryout for the upcoming year.
o Example: Player turns 10 years old on May 1st, 2024, that would make them a 10u player for upcoming fall 2024 and spring 2025 season.

Who has to attend tryouts? All players, returning and new, must attend a tryout to be in consideration for our teams.

How many players are on each roster? Roster sizes will vary team to team. 8u-14u the average roster size will be between 11-13 players. Showcase (15u-17u) rosters will typically average more than 13 players.

When do teams practice? Specific days/times for each team practices will vary per team. Each team will have a scheduled weekday and weekend practice each week. Teams will have the option to practice indoors or outdoors each week during the playing season.

What are the playing months for the teams? The playing months vary per age group. 8u-12u teams typical playing months are August-October and March-June. 13u-14u teams typical playing months are September-October and March-July. 15u-17u teams typical playing months are September-October and June-August.

What do the teams do during the winter months? During the winter months our 8u-14u teams will participate in our winter workout sessions at our indoor facility. Each team will be allotted two workout slots, similar to practices. 15u-17u teams will also be provided an opportunity during the winter months to workout and prepare for the upcoming high school season.

How many tournaments does each team play? On average our teams will play 2 tournaments per month during the tournament months (August-October & March-July).

What do I do if I can’t make the listed tryout dates? Make-up tryout dates will be listed for those that cannot attend the main team tryouts. Individual tryouts are also an option if necessary.

Why am I being charged to tryout? RBA West provides a professional style workout for out tryouts that is second to none, with many of our paid coaches attending tryouts. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into being prepared and organized beforehand to make these events run smoothly. The fee for tryouts goes towards paying our staff to work the tryout, renting any facility needed for tryouts, and also helps avoid players signing up who do not plan to actually attend the tryout.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?
• If you have any additional questions you can contact our office and speak to any of our staff members and we would be happy to help. Our office number is 804-264-3648, or you can email us at richmondbaseballwest@yahoo.com